You Hack; We Donate

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a devastating toll on lives and communities around the world. To help those affected, BugPoC will donate $50 to the United Way Response and Recovery Fund every time a beta user gives us feedback. Just fill out the Beta User Feedback form to provide relief to those left vulnerable by the pandemic.

How to Fight COVID-19:
  1. Create a BugPoC account here
  2. Go Ethically Hack Something
  3. Prove your bug using HTML Code, an HTTP Request, or a Python Script
  4. Include your BugPoC demo in your bug report
  5. Give us feedback by filling out the Beta User Survey here

Your bug can be in any software that you have permission to hack. It could be a bug bounty program, a client in a PenTest, or your own company's product. Just find a bug, use BugPoC to prove it, and feel good about fighting COVID-19. United Way Worldwide's COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund supports communities by helping local United Ways respond, and by ensuring people get accurate information.