Using ExploitDB with BugPoC

ExploitDB is a great resource to find CVE compliant public exploits for vulnerable software. It helps thousands of pentesters and bug bounty hunters all over the world find exploits for known bugs. But getting a public exploit to actually work on your clients' software isn't always easy.

You may need to install non-standard Python libraries or use fancy tools to repeat raw HTTP requests. Turning a PoC into a real working demo can be challenging. BugPoC removes this complexity by importing ExploitDB data directly into the BugPoC Front-End, HTTP, or Python PoC Generators.

Once loaded into BugPoC, you can modify and test your PoC from within the browser, without any additional tools or setup. When your PoC fully demonstrates your bug, you can publish it to receive a BugPoC ID and password. Include this ID and password in your bug report so your clients can quickly reproduce your bug without needing to install any tools or proxies. Trust us, Software Developers are going to love you for that ❤️